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Galaxy Worlds Universe is the home for many 3D Worlds where Citizens can (test build), own Land, and build, Voice and text chat, explore all the open worlds where other citizens have built etc.  You can Fly, Post Pictures, and Video's of your friends, and family.  
GWU offers Business Owners a place to Display and Sell Products or Services. For those that want a custom world seperate from other worlds in the universe contact support for more information about owning a custom  world.  


GWU also offers extensive help for new citizens such as Object selection (such as roads, buildings, an assortment of earthly materials) from the Object World.  Plus support for custom avatars (an avatar is how you look to others). GWU offers over 75 different avatars of male and female avatars with more added from time to time.

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As a Tourist you are limited as to how and where you can (test build for free) When you become a paid Citizen you can enjoy most if not all of the features that Galaxy Worlds Universe offers. 

Just click on the links from within most worlds to become a full Citizen. 

When you first download the Galaxy Worlds Browser client  you either can click on (Tourist) or Citizen to log in.

Note: at the top left of the 3D Browser if you enter as a Tourist simply click on Immergrate and follow instructions. You will then become a non paid Citizen!  


July 2018
New Web Site Launched

July 2018
Updated all Universe Worlds